Leela Subramaniam (49), used to be an estate worker but since the estate has been sold to a property developer, she is no longer required. Her husband has had his leg amputated and is also jobless. They have 5 children but the 3 married ones are struggling to look after their own family. The youngest is studying and the unmarried daughter working in a factory tried to send home RM50-100 a month.

Leela Subramaniam

Kaliamah (80), is living alone. She has lost touch with her children. She suffers from Parkinson’s disease and with the constant acute tremors, is unable to safely cook for herself. She has no source of income and is solely reliant on her neighbours to feed her. One young boy in particular, will walk from across the village to give her food. If there is on food from her neighbours, she tries to make do with bread and pickles (achar).


Nagasamy Vallasamy (41), works in a factory and does odd jobs to support her husband and 4 children. Her husband is due for an eye operation at KLH, which Welfare Department has said they will bear, but apparently, KLH refuses to proceed. She badly needs help with schooling her children, one of which in particular (Dinesh), has been doing well, scoring 4As and 1B.

Nagasamy Vallasamy

Ellamaran interview: Nagasamy Vallasamy and Kamala Muni

Amsah Arunasalam (79), has 4 children and lives with her 47 year old jobless son and his 2 schooling children.

Kamala Muni (54), has been at home for 12 years without work. She is supported by her only son who does odd jobs.

Muniamah Gopal (74), is a widower with four sons, all of whom are married. She is entirely dependent on her neighbours for food.

Kanuamah Gopal (50), is a widower who can barely subsist on the welfare fund’s contribution of RM50 a month.

Thanapaikiam Manikam (55), does not have a home. She and her mentally disabled husband live with their neighbour. Her only son is studying.


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